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Victor Harbor Golf Club is a MYGOLF Centre

Junior Golf

Junior Clinics run on Wednesday during the school term from 4-5pm. 

Junior Clinics are free for Victor Harbor Golf Club members. 

If you are not a member of the Victor Harbor Golf Club, the cost of joining the Junior Golf Development Programme is $100 which includes Rookie Membership to 30/9/24. 

The Junior Golf Development Programme is delivered by PGA Professional, Ian Pritchard.

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The Golf Australia Junior Programme has three levels:

1. Rookie 2. Star 3. Master

VHGC has two membership categories for Junior Golfers:

1. Rookies Younger golfers – incorporating politeness and etiquette in golf, following instructions, playing minor games, and skill development. 2.Junior (including both Star and Master) Advanced golfers – incorporating perseverance, etiquette, skill development, competitions, and rules of the game.

Junior clinics are held every Wednesday during the school term at 4pm and are included with membership.


Junior Clinics

Our Junior Golf Clinics are for members of the Junior Development Programme. The Club also hold clinics during school holidays. More information and regristration is available via the MyGolf website.

Every Wednesday during the school term, all VHGC Junior members cana ttend a Junior Golf Development clinic which commences at 1.30pm.

The Clinics are delivered by the Junior Development Team and are headed by Ian Pritchard, our PGA Golf Professional, and Oliver Pritchard, Associate PGA Golf Professional.

The MyGolf Curriculum is the adopted framework for training and skill development.

Each Rookie, Star and Master level includes the opportunity for self-evaluation, reflection, and a checklist of skills.

Supervision is expected from parents/caregivers at these events.


Play on the Course

On some Wednesday, Rookies and Juniors may be given the opportunity to play a game of golf on the course at 4pm. For more information, enquire at the Pro Shop.

Parents are invited to walk with the Juniors during this time.

Each member will be assigned a Golf Link number which is used for online bookings.

Orange Tee Rules for Rookies and Juniors

*All equipment is available for loan from the VHGC Pro Shop
*The Pro Shop also stocks junior gear for sale and the Pro Shop staff offer excellent advice about golf equipment and private lessons
*All local rules and modified rules are reinforced at clinics and on game days
*Maximum stroke score is applied per hole (par plus 4)
*Bunkers are played, raking appropriately after the stroke has been played. If a clear shot out is not played, the player takes relied to the side on the grass of the bunker and adds 1 shot to their score.

Parents and caregivers are asked to:
*Check scores, sign the card and ensure the players golf link numbers and names are clearly recorded on the card *Cards and equipment are returned to the Pro Shop

MyGolf Programme Philosophy: Nurturing Young Golfers

1. Enjoyment is Key: The cornerstone of our MyGolf Programme is creating an environment where children genuinely enjoy themselves. We understand that for juniors, especially beginners, the primary draw is having a good time with their peers. This focus on fun is woven into every aspect of our programme, ensuring that young golfers remain enthusiastic and engaged with the sport. 

2. Building Character: Beyond golf skills, our programme is designed to instill valuable life lessons. Each stage of MyGolf introduces and reinforces essential qualities such as respect, sportsmanship, perseverance, and integrity. These attributes not only enhance their golf experience but also contribute to their personal growth off the course. 

3. Learning Through Play: We firmly believe that the most effective way for children to develop their golfing abilities is through enjoyable, game-based activities. Our curriculum incorporates a variety of team-oriented, inclusive games that promote skill repetition and gradual improvement. This approach ensures that learning feels less like work and more like play. 

4. Keeping It Simple: We strive to make golf accessible and easy to understand for all participants, regardless of their age or skill level. By breaking down complex concepts into simpler, more digestible elements, we help juniors grasp the fundamentals of golf without feeling overwhelmed. This approach builds confidence and encourages continued participation. 

5. Progressive Skill Development: Our programme is structured to facilitate gradual improvement through consistent practice and positive reinforcement. We celebrate small victories and encourage perseverance, helping young golfers develop both their physical skills and mental resilience. 

By adhering to these principles, the MyGolf Programme aims to create a supportive, enjoyable, and enriching environment where young golfers can thrive both on and off the green. 


MyGolf Vision
To become the nationally recognised junior golf programme that is the major driver of junior golf participation in Australia.

MyGolf Goal 
Increased participation and engagement in golf by children.

MyGolf Ambition
To provide a fun, accessible and satisfying introduction to the sport of golf. Promoting skills development in an accredited coaching environment; and promoting the social and fun aspects of the sport to the wider community.

We are proud to offer outstanding Junior Development Programmes at Victor Harbor Golf Club, and we welcome families to our club facilities. 

Contact Us Phone: (08) 8552 2030 Email:

Victor Harbor Golf Club
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Our Team

Ian Pritchard PGA Professional

Oliver Pritchard Associate PGA Professional

Our PGA professionals have obtained  background checks and hold current 'Working With Children' certification.

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