Dress Rules Policy

POLICY GROUP: General Policies
POLICY NAME: No. 8 Dress Rules
REVISION: Rev:- 3 Dated:- 1/06/2020
Reviewed by GAR
Approved by CoM 28/05/2020
Next Scheduled Review
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The Manager, in 1996, issued a notice that reflected the Club’s current policy on Dress Rules and this was adopted as a Policy. This Policy was subsequently changed in 2004 and 2006 to reflect changing community standards. The Policy was further amended in June 2020 to have dress standards for on course and in the Clubhouse.


Dress Rules

All Members and Visitors must comply with the following Club’s Dress Rules to avoid any embarrassment to themselves, their playing partners, other members and visitors by being refused access to the Golf Course or Clubhouse.

On Course:

Dress Standards apply to all players, caddies and other persons walking the course.

  • A neat casual fashionable dress style compatible with the modern tradition and image of golf is acceptable. Generally, if an item of clothing is sold in the Pro Shop this will be acceptable.

  • Shirts must have a collar, polo style neck or stand up collar (mainly worn by women).

  • No large advertising logos or similar are permitted – a small logo compatible with the image of golf is acceptable.

  • No tank tops, singlets or surf-style crew neck T – shirts

  • Jeans, Track Suits & Track Pants are acceptable provided they are neat and clean.

  • Only tailored style shorts or skirts/skorts are acceptable.

  • Footwear

    • Footwear must be worn at all times on the Course

    • Golf shoes and flat soled track shoes are the only acceptable footwear to be worn on the Course for the purpose of playing golf or for caddying for a player.

    • Long walk socks or short sport socks / sockettes or stockings must be worn. A small logo is acceptable.

In the Clubhouse:

Dress Standards apply to all members and visitors when entering the clubhouse

  • Neat, clean, smart casual dress is acceptable.

  • No tank tops or singlets are permitted.

  • It is preferred that headwear is not worn in the Clubhouse. Exceptions to this will be made on medical or religious grounds or for special events such as Melbourne Cup celebrations.

  • Footwear

    • Footwear must be worn in the Clubhouse

    • Fashionable style sandals, casual style walk shoes and dress thongs may be worn. Track shoes must always be worn with socks

    • No ugg-boots or dirty shoes are permitted.

 Should any of these dress rules affect any Member on medical grounds then they can apply to the Committee of Management for dispensation.

Procedure for enforcing Dress Rules

The dress rules can be enforced by any of the following people:

  • Pro or Pro Shop staff for on course dress rules

  • General Manager for in clubhouse dress rules

  • Paid Bar Staff for in clubhouse dress rules

If none of the above are present, members of the Committee of Management may politely mention breaches to offenders.

The person who is infringing the dress rules is to be approached privately and informed of the dress rules.  They will be permitted to complete their game or have their meal/drink and advised that next time, if they are not dressed appropriately, they will not be permitted on the course or in the clubhouse.  

Upon a second offence, the person will be asked to leave the course or the clubhouse. 

Approved by Committee of Management on: 28 May 2020

Effective From: 1 June 2020