Mobile Phone Policy (including laptops & Tablets)

POLICY GROUP:General Policies
POLICY NAME:Mobile Phone Policy
REVISION:Rev:- 1 Dated:- 1/10/2021
AuthorGeneral Manager, VHGC
Reviewed by GAR 
Approved by CoM22/09/2021
Next Scheduled Review22/9/2022
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The Victor Harbor Golf Club (Club) promotes a safe and open environment where the community and members can engage with one another and maximise current technology to assist in scoring, texting and diarising where permitted.


This policy outlines the responsibilities of all members who use mobile phones with the intention of being respectful of how the use of personal electronic devices may impact the club experience of other members.


Mobile phones and tablets must be on silent at all times while on club property and, where possible, limited use should occur in the clubhouse.

Phone calls using mobile phones are permitted in the following areas or circumstances:

  • In the carpark
  • In the locker rooms
  • In the case of an emergency from the course
  • If special exemption has been granted by the General Manager for medical reasons
  • In the meeting room if pre-booked for a private function.

The use of speakerphone while on a call is not permitted in the presence of another member without their consent.

Mobile devices may be used for texting, diarising and emailing throughout the clubhouse.

Mobile devices may be used on the course for scoring via the MiScore app or other golf scoring system approved by the Club.